Patient Testimonials

Top Dentist 2024

My appointment with Somerset Smiles was efficient and pleasant! My family will definitely be back.

Rachel Renee

Top Dentist 2019

Patients' Choice Award 2018

When I moved to NJ it was a big deal to find the right dentist and PCP. My entire family now see dr Sinah and his wife, they are extremely personalized and work with our insurance carrier to ensure we get the necessary services without overextending so our out of pocket is very limited if we ever need any specialized service. They always stay in touch to keep all cleanings on schedule and provide a thorough screening each time so our smiles are always perfect. They even keep my 24 yr old son on schedule with his cleanings which is no easy task. I fully recommend Dr Sinah and his wife, the entire staff is friendly and makes even a painful visit pleasant, I fully recommend their services.

Alicia Delaney

Top Dentist 2017

I’ve been going to Somerset Smiles for couple of years now after trying 3 different dentist. Absolutely pain free processes here starting with getting appointments all the way up to actual treatment. No complaints at all..everything was top notch but last routine cleaning experience prompted me to write this review....I have sensitivity to cold water and it used to be really painful getting routine cleaning...I thought that’s how cleaning suppose to feel and never complained before at other dentist..this time I mentioned to dr about my sensitivity to cold water...she replaced the water with warm water and I couldn’t believe how painless that was...amazing service...Thank you.

Dinesh Ramchandani

Amazing first time I called because my filling came out after a year and I was in pain. The dentist took me in tight away and accepted my insurance and he made a strong filling and smaller to hold better.. Previous filling was huge...friendly staff and will come again if anything happens

D3ath Strike01

10 years later,
Sal keeps coming back!

Patients' Choice Award 2015

Dr. Siinha and Dr. Hrymoc-Sinha are the best of the best. I only wish I'd found them sooner.

Barbara Bretton

Dr. Sinha is the best of what he does, he take care of your teeths and your smile.

Mi Fal